There’s more and more of a social divide. You either got money, or you don’t, that’s the way I see it. Most of us struggle to keep bills paid and food in the fridge. At least I do. Read the rest of this entry »

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Through my eyes wish you could see this one beautiful lady lookin’ back at me. Don’t you dare call her beautiful all she’ll want to do is fight. She’s one amazing lady, such a beautiful sight. — Me


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  A fact I recently learned about dogs. They are the only species in the world to love you more than they love themselves. I couldn’t say about your dogs, but I’m willing to bet they haven’t missed a day greeting you since you got them. Mine haven’t. That is in my top five list of the coolest things in the world. — Me.



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This post is dedicated to a man I’ve never met, but is my friend – He gives me encouragement to write again. For Shorty. Comments and opinions are always welcome on my blog.

I’m not looking for sympathy, I’m just writing what I feel. Please enjoy…thca27g4g2

Deep, deep, deeper than I could ever begin to fathom, something dwells inside me. Inward, I can see it, I can feel it, but you can’t. It’s not an actual thing, but it is to me.
Years pass, events take place, filled with words said, filled with love shared, filled with life bliss. Inward, I can see it, I can feel it, but you can’t. It’s not an actual thing, but it is to me.
It, after so much time, has finally emptied like the last bit of water swirling down a drain. Inward, I can see it, I can feel it, but you can’t. It’s not an actual thing, but it is to me.
Barren dry, emptied by words said, emptied by love shared, emptied by life bliss. There is nothing left, too tired, too weary, too broken to refill. Inward, I can see it, I can feel it, but you can’t. It’s not an actual thing, but it is to me.
My Spirit Tank.

And Why???

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This is going to be a short post. For those of you reading, thank you.

I just had a friend I’ve known from the 1970’s, (he used to be kind enough to give me a ride home from work and save my parents from coming out late at night to come and get me, lost touch, but hooked back up later in life) set me straight and wake me up in a kind way.  I’ve heard the same thing before, but presented to me in a child like way, being scolded for what I was doing. That alone powered my resolve to carry on with what I had started.  This time, it was “George, ol’ buddy, you’ve become too extreme with this election.” Simple, kind, and to the point.  You know who you are–thank you.

I’m worried about my granddaughter Kimmie, and my grandson Anthony.  I am scared to death for them.  Are we headed to such a division of rich and poor in this country that in 30 years America will be pictured like India, people walking barefoot and standing in a line a mile long for a bowl of rice?  We have tens of thousands of empty shopping malls, homes, abandonded grocery and department stores, but people are still homeless and freezing in the streets.  We have businesses and restaurants tossing away tens of thousands of pounds of food daily, but there are Americans DYING of starvation every single day.  There are kids that can’t afford a flu shot or a dentist, but Kim Kardashian can afford a $30,000 set of boobs…

When does it stop?  Who stops it?  Will it get better, or will it get worse?

If my grandkids could understand what’s going on in this country right now, I wonder who they would vote for, and why???

Until next time…Love.

LOVE–What’s Your Definition???

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Webster’s New World Dictionary defines love as “strong affection.”  Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, describes love as “an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment.”  To some, this may be an accurate depiction of love, for me, love is so much more than that.  Love can’t be defined as easily as just a few words–love has so many varying degrees that the only definition would be for someone to describe love in the way that it affects them on a personal level–describing who or what they love, with pure, unadulterated, raw emotion–and that could be a million different ways–not just describing the greatest emotion in the world the way that Webster’s or Wikipedia defines it.  I could never, with this post or the next 100 posts to my blog, compile a list of who and what I love–just like you, I fall in love (there’s that vague word again) all over again with someone and something different many times per day.

If you’re reading this post, I love that you’re doing so.  I love you too, some of you more than others, because I’m closer to some of you, but I still love you.  I love the fact that I live in this great state of Wisconsin, loving the weather here.  I love that I’ve met so many wonderful people in this state, my friends from Walmart, well, I love them all dearly, and I love that I stay in touch with all of them.  I love my friends from Planeview, I would not love losing touch with any of them.  I love that I have a list of friends that I have known pushing forty years.  I love pizza, I love my dogs (you know them as my babies), and even though I’m diabetic, I’ll admit that I love chocolate.  This love thing could go on forever!!!  Then there’s what I call a “higher degree” of love.

Love is not a good enough word for how I feel about my Mom, you know what I mean.  I love my kids (they’re all adults now), Robby, Jessica, Kyle and Dustin, I love and adore my grandbabies, Anthony and Kimmy.  I love my brother and sisters with all of my heart. Aunts, Uncles,Nieces, Nephews, Cousins, 2nd Cousins, the love of family is like no other. You know that love, you probably know the next love too. It’s the last love I’ll be speaking of in my post.

Love can be a never-ending learning process. To truly be able to give love, one has to feel love, they must recieve love on a daily basis, unconditional love.  I met my wife in the year 2000–I felt love at first sight–almost thirteen years together, and I love that I love Mickie more and more as each year passes.  I love that we had our arguments over the years, so we know not to do that now.  I love that I’m still able to open her doors, and set up her coffee pot every day.  I love the life that we’re sharing.  I love her sleepy eyes, her hair when she wakes up in the morning, and I love the way she loves me.  I love that I couldn’t ever fathom taking this love for granted.  I love that I love her so much.  You know what I mean.

Love just can’t be defined the way we want to define it.

Until next time.  Love.




So, what is the name of the street that that you live on?

Several years back an acquaintance of mine was having a problem with a young lady he had been living with for several years.  The two had recently separated due to a difference in opinion over a religious matter.  Bill (fictitious name) told me that girlfriend was living on a one way street named Sue Avenue, (again a fictitious name) Sue, was the name of his girlfriend, and was standing firm in her belief and would not budge on the matter.  Saying she lived on Sue Avenue was Bill’s way of saying that Sue was thinking only of herself and allowed no room for compromise, then finishing the conversation by saying that Sue had been very selfish.

Through the turmoil that occurred in Bill and Sue’s relationship, (they never did reconcile) I learned a very valuable lesson.  I can be just as selfish as Sue was on any given day, and not think of anyone’s feelings but my own.  But you see, I don’t like that side of myself when it does appear, it doesn’t give me any satisfaction to be selfish, not even a little bit.  I don’t want the street I live on to be a one way named “George Street,” I want it to be named “George & Mickie Street,” or “Happy Street” or “Sharing Street,” as long as it’s not a one way street, I’d be happy with that.  I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say.

One last thing I learned several years ago and have tried my best to live by and to pass on to anyone that will listen is–when we do good, good is sure to follow.  I would love to live on that street every day.  Good Street.

Until next time.  Love.