Just Sayin’…

Getting used to being single, no lady in my life

Soon to be divorced from my soon to be ex-wife

Being single’s not so bad, little bit lonely at times

No one to share hard knocks with, but that’s ok, I’m grateful for my life

To my family, to my friends, I wish all your days being best

Cuz in my heart I know, God’ll keep you blessed


The little stuff is what I meant

Cuz’ while in prayer I sometimes forget

I’m grateful Lord for talking to you

For being so kind and seeing me through.

Thanks for reading…G

Top 10 Dangerous Cities USA

Number 1 being worst and population based on 2013 US Census

1. Detroit, MI. — Pop 688,701

2. St. Louis, MO. — Pop 318,416

3. Oakland, CA. — Pop 406,253

4. Memphis, TN. — Pop 653,450

5. Birmingham, AL. — Pop 212,113

6. Atlanta, GA. — Pop 447,841

7. Baltimore, MD. — Pop 622,104

8. Stockton, CA. — 298,118

9, Cleveland, OH. — Pop 390,113

10. Buffalo, NY. — Pop  258,954

Sunday Afternoon…

1. Hope your day is as pretty as your smile, you’re natural beauty, flowers for a mile.

2.  It’s a good day, we’ll all get through, taking care of business, doing what we do.

3. Smarts and wisdom, taking care of life, one tough lady dealing with that strife.

4. Rainy days are good days, gives the earth a drink.

5. Love you when you’re pretty, which is all the time, Tell you every day that you’re looking so fine.

6. Excuse M’aam, I must insist on holding that door while you walk in.

7. Love you lady, you know I do, you’re how I know dreams do come true.

8.  You’re so country in every way, the prettiest girl I saw today.

9. A glimpse of pretty is what I’ve seen, from a lady so peaceful and so serene.

10. He don’t like being a lonely man, sometimes he gets as lonely as leather is tan.


Love you so, it’s easy to do

Looking in the eyes of beautiful you

Your eyes tell a story of stuff you’ve been through

Looking in the eyes of beautiful you…